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MAG Group greatly believes that every business, no matter how large or small, plays a key role in the development, preservation and sustainability of the world we live in, that is why we at MAG Group choose to constantly involve ourselves in projects and initiatives that we believe are vital in accomplishing this sense of duty.

We work in partnership with official organizations in local communities, we operate in the following fields:


MAG Group supports a number of educational programs in various fields, we focus on providing basic education for those in need at any age through partnerships with educational institutions.


Human Development

MAG supports a number of charitable projects aimed at rehabilitating young girls and to get useful work through the organization of a foreign language and computer courses and housekeeping, building on the base do not give me a fish taught me how to fish.

Care is particularly directed to women who have lost their breadwinner and seeks to provide decent work for them to support themselves and their children.

Health Care

MAG owns a leading health institution, the Nice CARE Medical Center initiative include care for MAG workers by exempting them from insurance co-payments. We also provide medical assistance for special cases.