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Real Estate

MAG Group is a major player in the region’s real estate industry through various interests in the property development market. The volume of its investments recently reached upwards of 4 billion Dirhams, distributed over several projects. In the UAE, the crowning glory of the Group’s project portfolio is the Emirates Financial Towers: a twin-tower, Guinness Book of World Records-award-winning development offering high-grade office and retail spaces, located in the fast-growing Dubai International Financial Centre district.

MAG Property Development (MAG PD)

MAGPDLogoThe property development arm of the MAG Group, MAG PD is one of the largest names in the region’s real estate industry. With current project estimates over US$ 1Billion, the company focuses on developing and delivering high-quality projects that provide long-term benefits to both investors and customers.   MAG PD spearheads MAG Group’s drive to the forefront of the real estate industry with projects imbued with the company’s philosophy of Innovation and Continuous Improvement.   For more information about MAG PD, please visit their website at

Invest Group Overseas (IGO) Property Development

Invest Group Overseas (IGO) is an investment company that seeks to capitalize on the Middle East’s multitude of enriching business opportunities. Eager to support and sustain the region’s growth and development, IGO is open to exploring opportunities throughout the Arab World, providing top-notch support and profitable corporate strategies.     With current and future investments in various real estate projects, mainly in the UAE, IGO is poised to become one of the key players and an important driving force in the region’s property industry.     For more information about IGO, please visit their website at

MAGme Property Solutions

MAGmeMAGme Property Solutions was established to manage, promote, and market the developed projects of MAG Group. In addition, it is tasked with managing and creating relationships with other property development companies in order to manage, promote and market their own properties. MAGme conducts all manner of market research and financial analysis of the real estate market, as well as the brokerage and property management services.   With this venture, MAG Group has proven itself to be a “Total Value” real estate provider. The interest of its customers continues to be at the heart of this process from project planning, development and construction…all the way to post-development property management.   For more information about MAGme Property Solutions, please visit their website at

Emirates Financial Towers

The Emirates Financial Towers (EFT) is a 27-storey twin-tower commercial development offering prestigious office and retail space in the heard of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) district. The contemporary elliptical profile with glass facades and skybridge are architectural elements that distinguish the ET from the already-impressive Dubai skyline. Tenants and visitors alike enjoy elegant offices and retail facilities, as well as luxurious restaurants and business meeting venues.   Developed by MAG PD in partnership with ENSHAA PSC, EFT features the world’s largest automated parking facility, developed by MAG Royal Solutions and certified in the Guinness Book of World Records. The towers stand as a testament to the perfect synergy of the group’s various areas of expertise under a united vision to develop a modern, practical and high-class property. For more information about the Emirates Financial Towers, visit their website at

Shoumous Properties

MAGGroupLogo With operations mainly in the emirate of Sharjah, Shoumous Properties is involved in land investing and real estate development.

Art Centre

 The Art Centre is poised to set a new precedent in the retail industry in the Middle East as the first and largest specialized furniture mall in the region. Consisting of three storeys of retail space along with extensive basement parking, The Art Centre will house various outlets selling furniture, pieces of art, decorations and all paraphernalia related to interiors and interior design.   To make the shopping experience as streamlined and enjoyable as possible, the centre will also be equipped with all the luxuries of a regular modern shopping centre, including banking and money exchange facilities, service establishments and additional amenities such a kids play area, gym and spa facilities, and more. All of these, of course, will complement the myriad of types of furniture and materials for both indoor and outdoor projects from homes and villas to offices and hotels.   For more information about the Art Centre, please visit their website at