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MAG Group greatly believes that every business, no matter how large or small, plays a key role in the development, preservation and sustainability of the world we live in, that is why we at MAG Group choose to constantly involve ourselves in projects and initiatives that we believe are vital in accomplishing this sense of duty.

Social activities that we hope will continue in multiple directions, and we hope we can achieve this year and to grow sustainability and evolution over the coming years and will activate Mag in the following fields:


MAG supports a number of educational programs and contribute this year in the following aspects:

-      Within the State:

Scholarships varying University include a number of bright students in multiple universities inside UAE

-      Out of State:

Inside Syria:

In parallel education 500 full scholarship for needy students in the State University education parallel to all disciplines.

Syrian private universities 100 bonus 75% in terms of available.

Syrians in the diaspora

Contracted universities to secure scholarships for Syrians in Jordan and Lebanon, enough for 50 students annually.

Orphan Care

Mag ensure the following groups of orphans:

• 2220 orphans

We look forward to building a full house to take care of orphans Syria and rehabilitation when appropriate conditions are available.


Human Development

MAG supports a number of charitable projects aimed at rehabilitating young girls and to get useful work through the organization of a foreign language and computer courses and housekeeping, building on the base do not give me a fish taught me how to fish.

Care is particularly directed to women who have lost their breadwinner and seeks to provide decent work for them to support themselves and their children.

Aid include the rehabilitation of 300 young men and women who did not find a university education opportunities for work and a character to help them work.

The culture of fraternity and tolerance

Arab societies have suffered in recent years from the loss of intellectual terribly as a result of the spread of violence and war, and strengthened extremist currents ebbed speech of peace and compassion to low levels.

It recognizes its responsibility Mag minute speech in support of tolerance and brotherhood and the face of hate speech, especially in conditions of war plaguing the Arab country, and supports a number of programs:

Mag’s annual award for the best offer work or research promotes a culture of tolerance and brotherhood, and progress by grand prize and ten honorary prizes, the study published in a separate book, and will be announced later for prize details.

Support Specialist Internet site and YouTube channel to monitor enlightenment, tolerance and unify efforts to reject the culture of hatred and work to renounce violence efforts activities.

Health Care

MAG owns a leading health institution, the Nice CARE Foundation initiative include care workers in institutions surged by exempting them from participation required fees have launched Previews also offers half the cost of dental treatment that is not covered by insurance card, and other assistance for special cases.


Quran education programs

It supports the initiative Quran memorization centers and ponder its verses, it is working to encourage creative work in the service of the Quran and spread his message of tolerance and love.

The initiative is committed to spending directed, and adopt a standard for giving Quran service in addition to the need for an activist in this way.

The initiative also tend to support talented children and encourage them to excel in other areas Informed.

In this way the initiative offers the following aid:

- Aid to schools teaching the Holy Quran.

- Publication and distribution of the best creative work Quranic annually promotes tolerance and brotherhood.