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Entrepreneur, self-made multi-billion dollar business leader, award winner and generous philanthropist are words that barely do justice to the achievements of Moafaq Al Gaddah, Chairman and Founder of the MAG Group. In a true rags-to-riches story, Moafaq has risen from humble beginnings in Syria to head an all industry business empire that spans the globe.

Moafaq started out on his incredible journey in 1976 when he was just 15 years old, by moving from his native Syria to Kuwait to be with his father and assist in the running of the family’s small trading concern. After three years, he relocated to Abu Dhabi to found a spare parts retail company. He rapidly expanded his business by branching into the automotive parts field, buying up stakes in the companies that he was a distributor for. Showing a level of prescience and foresight that has been a hallmark of his achievements over the years, he diversified into the field of oil and lubricants with the setting up of the MAG (Moafaq Al Gaddah) Group in 1983 – a shrewd move that capitalised on region’s natural resource of ‘black gold.’ In a further inspired initiative, Moafaq relocated MAG Group’s headquarters to Dubai in 1992, recognising that the emirate was the key to accessing many other regional markets. The transition saw MAG Group capture 5% of the trading market in its sphere of operations.

The start of the century saw Moafaq developing a nascent interest in real estate through the acquisition and sale of land in the UAE, a period that also saw him expanding his interests in the manufacturing market with the opening of factories under the MAG brand. His success in the sector prompted him to move into real estate in what was a natural and organic transition. To facilitate real estate development in his group, MAG Property Development (MAG PD) was founded in 2004, with its first projects being MAG 214 in Jumeirah Lake Towers and the construction of warehouses in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. To date, MAG PD has completed several premium developments, including the flagship Emirates Financial Towers, a landmark building at the prestigious Dubai International Financial Centre. The Group has a further six high level construction projects currently underway.

Moafaq’s phenomenal achievements have resulted in him being the head of an organisation that from inception has grown to include more than 50 companies employing over 2,000 people around the world. He now leads an empire that spans the sectors of manufacturing, auto parts, real estate, education, contracting, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, health care, the marine industry and logistics. The company has an extensive overseas reach with MAG offices in China,Turkey, Iraq and USA. This spectacular level of growth and success in under 40 years is not only attributed to Moafaq’s hard work perseverance and vision, it is also down to his incredibly high ethical standards. Throughout its expansion and movement

into new industry sectors, MAG Group has developed an enviable reputation for integrity, transparency and financial probity in all its operations.

As would be expected, Moafaq’s breathtaking accomplishments over the years have garnered him and his organisation a wealth of accolades and awards. In 2006, he was named ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ at the Arabian Business Achievement Awards, one of the most prestigious and respected business awards programmes in the region. He was appointed as the first Ambassador of the Arab Family in 2007 and in the same year was listed in the Top 50 most wealthy Arabs. In 2012, he was ranked 16th in the list of ‘World’s Most Influential Arabs’ and was entered onto the World Finance 100 List. Under Moafaq’s stewardship, MAG Group became a Member of the World Economic Forum 2014 (GGC Membership) – an honour that acknowledged the highest level of management in his company. Moafaq is a Member of the Board Syrian Business Council in the UAE and a Member of the World Economic Forum (Davos) for 2014.

Moafaq’s experience in building a business empire from starting out with so little has given him a unique insight into those who are less fortunate in society. He has never forgotten his roots and now that he is in a position to give back, has become one of the region’s most generous benefactors. Committed to philanthropy in the region, Moafaq has made numerous financial contributions to local charities. His many activities have included the setting up of a number of educational scholarships for Arab students and the support of Arabic language and culture through the sponsorship of conferences and seminars conducted through the League of Arab States. The organisation also hosts the first fund for enabling the Arab family, another initiative that Moafaq founded. Moafaq regularly provides financial contributions for associations that support those with disabilities, as well as donates towards Emirati collective wedding ceremonies. In honour of the country that has been his home for many years, Moafaq has given a total of AED 25 million to the Dubai Cares campaign.

Moafaq continues to inspire every day through his hands-on work ethic and his need to be in touch at a personal level with all of MAG Group’s numerous interests and projects across the world. At his desk by 8:30am every day, Moafaq has no intention of slowing down. He remains committed to growing the MAG Group, pushing new business boundaries and continuing as a pioneer in every one of his industry fields.


  • Owner &Chairman of the Board of Directors of Moafaq Al Gaddah Group of Companies(MAGFZE ) since 1978 in the United Arab Emirates – Dubai. The group consists of 50 companies and branches covering the United Arab Emirates and the Arab world, Asia and part of Europe, Africa and the activity sector includes commercial,real estate, industrial, cultural, tourist and service.
  • Owner &Chairman of the Board of Directors (MAG) Property Development – Dubai
  • Project –Murooj Valley Project – M1 Hotel Apartments.
  • Chairman of the Board of Invest Group Overseas – Dubai.
  • Partner of IGO – IG – Polo Project – Dubai.
  • Owner & Chairman of IGO-USA- LP – USA.
    A joint venture between EMAAR Properties (PJSC) and IGO in the (Eighth Gate Project) Estimated Value of the Project 1.5 Billion Dollars.
  • Owner&Chairman of (MAG FINANCIAL SERVICES) – DUBAI – DIFC.
  • Owner &Chairman of MAG ROYAL SOLUTIONS (MRS).DIFC” included in Guinness World Record”
  • Partner of Emirates Financial TOWERS – DIFC .DUBAI.
  • Partner&Chairman of the Board of Directors (MAG ME) Real-estate Company – Dubai
  • Owner &Chairman of the Board of Directors(MAG Container Line) – Dubai.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors (MAG) Moafaq Al Gaddah Trading.
  • Chairman of the Board of MAG LUBE – Dubai.
  • Owner & Chairman of the Board Al Gaddah Company For General Trade Car Accessories – Dubai
  • Owner & Chairman of the Board Al Gaddah Company for general trade Tires &Batteries.
  • Owner & Chairman of MAG Japanese Spare Parts – Dubai
  • Owner & Chairman of MAG Spare Cars Parts – Dubai
  • Owner & Chairman of the Board of Directors AJRAS AL SHARQ Co. Dubai
  • Owner &Chairman of the Board Of Directors -Moafaq Al Gaddah Establishment – ABU DHABI
  • Partner &Chairman of the Board of Directors of MAG International electromechanical Works
  • Owner of (MAG General Trading) – Dubai free zone.
  • Partner of Al Shamous Properties Co LLC- Sharjah.
  • Chairman of the Board Of Directors – Al BURAQ – IRAQ.
  • Chairman of the Board Of Directors – AL MUSAB CO – IRAQ.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors – MAG GROUP FZE – China.
  • Owner & Chairman of MAG COMPLEX – Warehouse’s – Sharjah – UAE.
  • Owner & Chairman of MAG Intellectual Property – Dubai.

Achievements, Awards and Recognition

  • Winner, award for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2006’.
  • - Appointed first ‘Ambassador of the Arab Family’ in 2007
  • - Chairman of the Board of Directors, Fund Bid to Enable the Arab Family
  • - Ranked within ‘World’s 50 Wealthiest Arabs’ in 2007
  • - Ranked 16th, ‘World’s Most Influential Arabs’ in 2012
  • - Appointed to the ‘World Finance 100 List’ in 2012
  • - MAG Group – Member of the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM 2014 – GGC Membership

Future Projects

  • MAG HEALTH –World Medical Center – DUBAI.
  • MAG Art Center – DUBAI.

Social Activities

  •  Founding Member and Contributor: European International University
  • Constant contributor to various college scholarships and student support programs, Dubai
  • Chairman of the Board: The Syrian Business Council of the United Arab Emirates
  • Member of the World Economic Forum, 2014
  • Contributor of financial and material support to all clubs and associations for the disabled in the UAE
  • Contributor of 25 million Dirhams to the ‘Dubai Cares’ Campaign ( http://www.dubaicares.ae )
  • Supporting Contributor to the Arab Family Organization ( http://www.arabfamilyorganization.ae )
  • Founder of the first Arab fun to enable the Arab family through the League of Arab States- Contributor to the ‘Salam Ya Seghar’ (Children Peace) Campaign ( http://www.salamyaseghar.ae )
  • Patron of several creative students in the United Arab Emirates